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The Corporate Tax Return Process with Dan Gaudet

July 16, 2020

It’s an incredible advantage for business owners when they know what’s coming next. One of the best ways to minimize surprises is to have a team of tax professionals guide you through the corporate tax return process. Our guest is Dan Gaudet, a Partner at DGC and the leader of our Accounting & Business Advisory Services Group. In this episode, Dan will explain the corporate tax return process and why it makes sense to get the proper level of tax support. This is the fifth episode in a series of podcasts geared towards our Accounting & Business Advisory Services clients. The first four episodes discussed tax planning, year-end payroll adjustments, accounting services, and Form 1099 reporting tips. Those episodes are available now on our website, www.dgccpa.com. Unique Perspectives is brought to you by DGC. For all of your accounting, tax, and advisory services, you can turn to us. Where there’s unique perspective, there’s DGC.

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