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How A&E Firms Should Handle Bonus Criteria with Chad DaGraca

July 16, 2020

Profitability has been strong for Architecture and Engineering firms over the past several years. With increased company success comes individual financial success, usually in the form of bonuses. Because of that, there is now increased scrutiny surrounding bonuses from State DOT’s. How can firm owners reward their employees and themselves while adhering to the requirements imposed by government contract regulations? In this episode of “Unique Perspectives – The DGC Podcast,” our guest is Chad DaGraca, a Partner at DGC and the co-leader of our Architecture and Engineering Practice. Chad discusses bonus criteria for A&E firms and how you can ensure you’re adhering to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). This podcast is brought to you by DGC. For all of your accounting, tax, and advisory services, you can turn to us. Where there’s unique perspective, there’s DGC. Visit our website: www.dgccpa.com

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