Unique Perspectives - The DGC Podcast

Cybersecurity Risk Assessments with Donny Butler

July 16, 2020

Every business owner is concerned about cybersecurity threats. But are you doing enough preventative maintenance to put your business in position to stop a breach from occurring in the first place? Performing a cybersecurity risk assessment allows business owners to know where they stand in terms of how protected their network is against cybersecurity risks and what they can do to improve. In this episode of "Unique Perspectives – The DGC Podcast," our guest is Donny Butler, a Principal in DGC’s Cyber and Information Security Services group. Donny discusses what a cybersecurity risk assessment entails and what cyber professionals are looking for during the process. As always, this podcast is brought to you by DGC. For all of your accounting, tax, and advisory services, you can turn to us. Where there’s unique perspective, there’s DGC. Visit our website: www.dgccpa.com

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